1. Active Parenting of Teens

    Learn and laugh with other parents as you turn the challenges of raising a teenager into opportunities for growth. You’ll learn positive ways to relate to your teen by increasing your knowledge of the developmental needs of adolescents, thereby better understanding their behavior.

  2. Living with Your Middle Schooler

    What makes middle schoolers tick? How can you help your child develop responsibility, stay engaged in school, and weather the social turmoil of these years? Using presentations, discussions, and activities this class for parents of middle schoolers helps parents build an open, supportive relationship as their children head into adolscence.

  3. Effective Parenting of Teens

    This class provides parents with the skills to improve family communication while reducing family conflicts and teens’ negative behaviors and attitudes. Increase your abilities in communication, supervision, conflict resolution, and positive discipline, while enjoying the support of other parents experiencing similar issues.