Return to routines - the new school year

September 11, 2023
Whether it's a daily schedule, weekly traditions, or monthly rituals, creating routines that works for your family can lead to a happier and more connected household.

Celebrate National Dental Health Month

February 13, 2023
Taking care of teeth right from the start can help contribute to better health outcomes for life. National Children’s Dental Health month is a great time to talk about good dental hygiene for our kids.

Managing stress during the holidays

December 7, 2022
The holidays are a special time filled with things that are not part of our usual routine. This very difference is part of what makes them magical for young children. But it also creates opportunities for meltdowns. Here are some tips for managing stress during the holidays.

Easing into the school year

September 13, 2022
Having a consistent routine helps kids -and their parents - build healthy habits, establish reasonable expectations, and feel secure knowing what comes next. Here are few ways to help ease into the school routine.

Supporting Children with Routines

January 3, 2019
Creating regular routines - for starting the day, transitioning to naps, sharing meals, and heading to bed helps children feel safe. Establishing a routine can reassure young children that their world is safe and predictable.