Effective Parenting of Teens

Linn County, Benton County, Lincoln County

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Effective Parenting of Teens

This class provides parents with the skills to improve family communication while reducing family conflicts and teens’ negative behaviors and attitudes. You’ll learn positive ways to relate to your teen by increasing your knowledge of the developmental needs of adolescents and better understanding their behavior. Increase your abilities in communication, supervision, conflict resolution, and positive discipline, while enjoying the support of other parents experiencing similar issues. Usually offered as 6 or 8 sessions over 6 – 8 weeks. Available in English.

Who can attend?

  • Parents of children ages 12 – 18.
  • Sometimes classes cover the entire age range, some are primarily for parents of middle schoolers, and others are aimed at parents of high schoolers. Check the specific class description on the calendar.

What do we talk about?

  • Understanding the physical and neurological changes that affect teen behavior.
  • Ways to build positive communication with your teen.
  • Encouraging responsibility.
  • Defusing power struggles.
  • Designing discipline techniques that will work with your teen.
  • Coaching your teen on how to solve problems and resolve conflicts.