Living with Your Middle Schooler

Linn County, Benton County, Lincoln County

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Living with Your Middle Schooler

What makes middle schoolers tick? How can you help your child develop responsibility, stay engaged in school, and weather the social turmoil of these years? The program uses presentation, discussion, and activity. Usually offered as 6 sessions over 6 weeks. Taught in English.

Who can attend?

Parents of children ages 11 to 15.

What do we talk about?

  • What is “normal” for kids during this time of rapid growth
  • Parenting methods and ways to set limits that work best in the early teen years
  • How to listen and talk with your teen to build an open, supportive relationship
  • Where to find resources in our community to help parents and students prevent problems
  • Where to find help for families struggling with more difficult issues beyond the typical teen turmoil