The Incredible Years

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The Incredible Years

This course is taught in Spanish

Build a more cooperative relationship with your child. Learn how to make clear family rules. Prevent behavior problems and learn how to deal with any problems your child has already. Help your child get along with friends and do better in school. Watch video clips to see good and bad ways for parents to act with their children. Learn new ideas and have time to share with other parents. Usually offered as 10 sessions over 10 weeks. Available in English and Spanish.

Who can attend?

•    Incredible Years School Readiness is for parents of children ages 3 to 6.

•    Incredible Years Early Childhood Basic is for parents with children ages 3 to 9.

•    Incredible Years School Age is for parents with children ages 6 to 12.

What do we talk about?

Early Childhood Basic program:

  • How to strengthen your relationship with your child through play
  • Using praise and rewards to get more cooperation]
  • Setting up and sticking to household rules and routines
  • How to set limits that work
  • Using positive discipline

School Age program:

  • Using attention and praise to promote positive behavior
  • How to encourage your child to be responsible
  • How to avoid power struggles
  • Using time outs and logical consequences for misbehavior
  • Helping your child do better in school through routines at home, homework help, teaching your child how to stick with work, and being involved in their school

School Readiness program:

  • Helping your child get along better with friends by learning how to share and take turns
  • Preparing your child for school with reading and games
  • How to make reading fun
  • Increasing children’s ability to understand and express their feelings
  • Getting your child ready for school by learning to stick to one thing at a time
  • Getting ready for school by learning numbers, colors, and shapes
  • Cost: Varies

Contact LBCC Family Connections at 541-917-4899 for more information or to register.