Cyber Safety: What Parents Can Do to Protect and Educate Their Children

February 11, 2012, Parenting Success Network

We currently hear a lot about the easily accessible, inappropriate things that are lurking on the World Wide Web. The question should be: How can we protect and educate our children when it comes to their use of the internet? “Surprisingly, perhaps, the child most likely to be involved in Internet crimes is the “good kid” – one who is bright, does well in school, and who has friends and involved parents. Unfortunately, few parents know what to look for or what to do to decrease the chance of their child being involved in Internet crimes.”
By using the tips from the article titled,  Children and the Internet, you will reduce the likelihood your child will be involved in Internet crime, either as a victim or perpetrator.

The article includes 12 things a parent can do to protect their child on the internet. Some of the tips include:

*Install the children’s computer(s) in a common family area.

*Develop and agree upon a list of family computer use rules.

*Balance children’s computer time with other activities.

*Distinguish between a “friend” and a “cyber-pal.”

*Routinely check the computer activity.

*Consider using blocking, filtering, or monitoring controls on your computer.