Little Chefs

November 21, 2011, Parenting Success Network

Thanksgiving is almost here!

Are you planning a delicious Thanksgiving feast for your family? Are your children at home for this cozy holiday? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then why not get your little ones involved in the cooking?

Cooking with children and family is a wonderful way to pass down family recipes and traditions and have quality bonding experiences. There are endless ways to get children involved in the planning and cooking process for the holidays.

*Have family members list their favorite Thanksgiving dish

*Have the kids help create a shopping list for each dish that will be prepared

*Older children can help prepare the dishes (with adult supervision) by: reading a recipe, chopping, peeling, measuring, and various stove top duties such as sauteing and stir frying.

*Younger children can help prepare dishes by: scooping, mixing, kneading dough, pouring, washing veggies, and spreading.

But what about baby? Cooking in the kitchen with baby can be very challenging. For tips on how to cook in the kitchen with baby in tow check out the Parenting Tip of the Week brought to you by Parenting Press titled “Working in the Kitchen with Baby Underfoot”

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Enjoy the time with your children and family this holiday and have a great Thanksgiving meal!