New Year, New Parenting Goals

December 26, 2022, Lynne Brown

With the start of the new year, the Parenting Success Network kicks off a new season of parenting classes. 

If you have some parenting goals for 2023, we can help you achieve those goals at a winter-term parenting class.

We know that life gets busy and adding one more thing to the schedule can be challenging. Our partners have designed classes with lots of options and flexibility so you can find one that fits your family.

Want to build your parenting skills while with the kids? There are classes you can bring your children to with you.

Want some time by yourself, learning along with other parents? There are classes that offer childcare. Some provide childcare stipends, covering the cost of a babysitter so your kids can stay home with their familiar bedtime routine while you’re at an evening class.

Whether you’re a new – or soon-to-be new – parent, or have been around the block a few times, we have classes for you! If you want to improve your parenting skills in 2023, we’re here to help you reach your parenting goals. 

More details on all classes can be found on our calendar

Here are some highlights of the winter term.

See you in class!

For parents of children 0-3

Live and Learn  All Live and Learn classes include parents with their children. Together they can meet others and learn together. This term, Live and Learn with your baby (birth – 18 months) is being held in both Albany and Corvallis. A class for Wobblers (9mo – 18mo) is also being offered in Albany. 

If you’re in Lebanon or Sweet Home, the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Santiam is offering a Parents and Tots Gym this winter.

In Albany, the Greater Albany Public Schools is offering two classes taught exclusively in Spanish. Vive y aprende con su bebe  and Juntos.

For parents of children 3-6

Live and Learn Discovery Lab is being offered in both Scio and Albany. Live and Learn Discovery Lab invites pre-schoolers to explore activities related to science, technology, and nature, developing their curiosity and sense of wonder.

In Corvallis, Live and Learn Together as Friends supports parents/caregivers and their preschoolers (3.5yrs – 5yrs), offering activities that help children develop resilience and build their friendship skills. Using books, puppet stories, games, songs, and art activities parents will learn to teach and encourage compassion, generosity, and a healthy sense of self while the preschoolers practice their friendship skills.

For parents of children 5-12

Circle of Security offers parents of children between 3yrs and 10yrs a simple way to strengthen their parent-child relationship. It is designed to help parents build a deep connection with their children, learn how to respond to their child’s needs, and give them a feeling of security and confidence so they can explore, learn, grow, and build positive relationships. The class will also help parents set limits and understand their child’s emotional world. Parents meet without the children (childcare and dinner are provided). 

Make Parenting a Pleasure helps parents balance the needs of their children with their own needs. If you want to stress less and have more fun as a parent, in this class, you’ll learn how to take care of yourself despite the demands of parenting. You’ll also learn techniques for disciplining and guiding your young children in a positive way. 

For parents of tweens and teens

Active Parenting of Teens meets in Albany this term. Join other parents of teens to learn and laugh as you turn the challenges of raising a teenager into opportunities for growth. You’ll learn positive ways to relate to your teen by increasing your knowledge of the developmental needs of adolescents – and why they act the way they do. Methods of respectful discipline, skills for clear, honest communication, concrete strategies to prevent risky behavior, and how to be an encouraging parent will be discussed.

Nurturing Parents – Adolescents will be meeting in Philomath (and online) to help parents who want to repair and build the parent-teen relationship. This class is an opportunity for parents and their teens to attend together. Parents and their teens will participate in separate groups but also interact together as one group. Activities include role-playing, discussion, drawing, and learning how to live with each other, play together, communicate respectively, and be a positive, nurturing family.

Let the Parenting Success Network partners help you achieve your 2023 parenting goals by signing up for a winter term class.  See you there!