Parents As Science Teachers

May 10, 2011, Parenting Success Network

Did you know that parents are their children’s best and first teachers?

As parents you share the knowledge you have and encourage children to be eager learners. Do some science together. Science doesn’t just come from science books. Look around you and you’ll find science in everyday activities. Try some of these:

Ask your children questions: How do you think the clock works? Why does the bird make a nest? Why do the leaves turn brown?

Help children notice the things around them; weather changes, wind directions, new buds, spider webs

Start collections of plants, rocks, dead bugs. Point out similarities and differences.

Talk about the kinds of animals and plants that live close to you and far away.

Set up ways to watch what happens to cause things to change.  What happens when a plant doesn’t get enough water or light?

Play the “What Else” game.  Decide on a category such as animals with fur or feathers then take turns naming what else belongs in that category.  This is a good one to play in the car.

Encourage your children to ask questions and then look up the answers if you don’t know.  Read books that stretch learning and remember it’s okay to learn together.