Talking to the Teacher

November 3, 2012, Parenting Success Network

It’s fall conference time and I have so much to tell my children’s teachers.

My daughter is so smart. She loves to read, she is a really gifted writer. All she needs is the right teacher to encourage that in her. She is motivated to learn but gets anxious when her learning goals and objectives are unclear. She is energetic, inquisitive, fun-loving and generally a happy child. Did I mention how smart she is?

My son is so smart. He is good in math. He is creative. He loves to play outside. He likes to collect interesting objects discarded by others. He is inquisitive, energetic, insightful, playful and generally loves life. Did I mention how smart he is?

My daughter is so smart. She knows all of her letters and letter sounds, she can write her name, and cut a circle. She wants to learn so badly and loves when people read books to her. She loves animals and nature and will play outside until the sun goes down. Did I mention how smart she is?

So you probably get the picture. As parents, we have a lot to say about our children to their teachers. And it is likely that teachers have a lot to tell us about our children.

Fall conference time is a good time for both parents and teachers to share things about the children they have in common. However, most conferences are between 20 and 30 minutes long so both parents and teachers have to be strategic about what conversation pieces they bring to the table. Teachers spend a lot of time preparing for conferences. There are things that parents can do to prepare for conferences as well.

Check out this tip sheet for a list and description of some of the things parents can do to prepare for parent-teacher conferences. And remember that the relationship that you build with your child’s teacher will enhance your child’s experience at school and set the stage for a year or success and academic growth.