The Holidays are Here. Let’s Celebrate.

December 28, 2011, Parenting Success Network

Holiday Rituals and Routines… old vs. new

Rituals are like seasonal routines.  They can offer structure and security in times of increased chaos.  Being part of a family with healthy rituals can give children a sense of belonging, comfort and predictability.  Rituals also connect us to our culture and traditions – we become part of something bigger; however, when rituals become too rigid they become a source of stress.  Now is the time to ask, “Are our family’s rituals a good fit for us?”  Children enjoy the predictability of routines and the anticipation of family rituals adds to the excitement of the season.  If you find yourself questioning the “fit” of your family’s rituals around the holidays then check out the article, “Holiday Rituals- Old ones? New Ones?” brought to you by Sound Discipline.

Tips from the article include:

*Involve your family

*Think long-term

*Include flexibility

*Be repetitive

*Be creative and try keeping it simple

*Share your holiday rituals with others

Check out the link above to view the entire article with more specific ideas for fine tuning your family’s holiday rituals and routines. And remember to enjoy each and every moment with your family because the memories will be shared and passed down for years to come.